Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards
Documentation: Klineakconfig 0.1 README

Please note that KLineakConfig, up to version 0.5.X does not support lineakd >= 0.6

May 16 2002

This is a KDE version of the gtk program lineakconfig by Mark Smulders. It is for
configuring a lineak config file for use with the lineakd daemon that set's up and
handles  the control of your easy access keys. Version 0.1 only will work with lineakd
version 0.2 as the soon to be released version 0.3 contains a new file format.

KLineakConfig and LineakConfig must be installed with the same prefix that
lineakd was installed with in order to be able to find the keyboard definitions
file. I installed lineakd w/ a prefix of /usr/local

Below is the line that I used to configure KLineakConfig.

./configure --build=i386-linux --host=i386-linux --target=i386-linux --prefix=/usr/local --disable-debug

Much thanks to Mark for his awsome program lineakd and for his help in getting this program made. :)

If you have any problems compling this or wish to note a bug send a description
of the problem and a corresponding patch to I won't be
taking bug reports without patches because I'm working on the next version which as I
said above will not be compatible with the current version of lineakd, so this is
right out of the box unmaintained with the possible exception of compile problems.

In any event, I hope you like it.