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Documentation: KDE-Commands

Here are some examples of using the KDE plugins.

Back            = "KONQUEROR_BACK"
Favourites      = "KONQUEROR(bookmark)"
Forward         = "KONQUEROR_FORWARD"
Home            = "KONQUEROR_HOME"
Refresh         = "KONQUEROR_REFRESH"
WebStop         = "KONQUEROR_STOP"

These control Amarok. 
Next            = ""
Play            = "AMAROK_PLAY"
Pause           = "AMAROK_PAUSE"
Prev            = "AMAROK_BACK"
Stop            = "AMAROK_STOP"

Sleep           = "KDE_LOCK_DESKTOP"


Here are some examples for KDE commands done without using the KDE plugins: 
(Note these do not work in KDE 3.2)
For easy KDE commands in 3.2, use lineakd-0.8beta3 or later.

These control konqueror. The drawback is that you can only have one konqueror window open, but you can have multiple tabs.

You also need to have the kxmlrpc daemon running.
Back            = "dcop `dcop | grep konqueror` 'qt/KXMLGUILClient-KActionCollection/back' activate"
Favourites      = "dcop `dcop | grep konqueror` 'qt/konqueror-mainwindow#2/unnamed3(KActionCollection, 0x8466aa8)/add_bookmark' activate"
Forward         = "dcop `dcop | grep konqueror` 'qt/KXMLGUILClient-KActionCollection/forward' activate"
Home            = "dcop `dcop | grep konqueror` 'qt/KXMLGUILClient-KActionCollection/home' activate"
Refresh         = "dcop `dcop | grep konqueror` 'qt/KXMLGUILClient-KActionCollection/reload' activate"
WebStop         = "dcop `dcop | grep konqueror` 'qt/KXMLGUILClient-KActionCollection/stop' activate"

These control noatun. You have to have noatun started first.
Next            = "dcop `dcop | grep noatun` Noatun forward 2>/dev/null"
Play            = "dcop `dcop | grep noatun` Noatun play 2>/dev/null"
Pause           = "dcop `dcop | grep noatun` Noatun playpause 2>/dev/null"
Prev            = "dcop `dcop | grep noatun` Noatun back 2>/dev/null"
Stop            = "dcop `dcop | grep noatun` Noatun stop 2>/dev/null"
Sleep           = "killall kdesktop_lock; dcop kdesktop KScreensaverIface lock"