Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards

Recently I discovered that Lineak was reviwed in the UK magazine Linux Format. It also came on a DVD which accompanied the magazine.
I bought the magazine and scanned the relevant parts in. Click to view the full image. We're famous! :)
Cheers, Sheldon.
linux format review

Here is what the cover of the DVD looks like. Notice thre red box at the bottom.
linux format DVD

Here is a screen shot of the readme file on the disk.
linux format DVD

lineakconfig is the graphical tool (written in GTK+) for configuring LinEAK.
To get an impression of it (v0.3), I have made a nice screenshot:

lineakconfig screenshot

And here's a shot of Klineakconfig 0.5pre2, the KDE version:

Klineakconfig screenshot

And here's a sneak peak at lineakconfig in development...
below you can see a shot of my desktop while I'm working on the GUI with glade:

lineakconfig sneakpeak