Linux support for Easy Access and Internet Keyboards

What exactly is LinEAK?

    LinEAK is a utility designed to enable the use and configuration of those special
    keys on Internet, Easy Access and Multimedia keyboards in Linux.
    It consists of three programs:
    lineakd: this is the daemon that listens for incoming key and mouse events.
    lineakconfig: this is the GTK+ GUI, which provides easier configuration
    Klineakconfig: this is the KDE GUI which allows you to define keyboards, and configuration mappings for easier configuration. If your keyboard is not directly supported by lineakd, klineakconfig provides an easy to use graphic interface to both getting your keyboard working, and submitting your keyboard for inclusion into lineakd.


    How to get your keyboard supported?


    lineakd README and instructions

lineak default plugin package

    lineak default plugin manual

lineak kde plugins

    lineak KDE plugins manual


    lineakconfig README and instructions


    Klineakconfig v0.1 README and instructions

KDE Commands for you lineakd.conf file.

    KDE Commands HOWTO

Using the Media Detect Plugin to handle multiple media players

    Media-Detect HOWTO